With up to 4hrs of fire rating, Hambro D500 ranks as one of the best fire rated floors on the market. With standard joist spans up to 43 feet, Hambro D500 Floor Joist System can help you unclutter your floor plan and create spacious, open designs. With over 50 years' experience as the nation's largest steel component manufacturer, 3.3 million square feet of manufacturing facilities, and an annual production capacity of 815,000 tons, it's no wonder that Canam Group can provide the shortest lead times to over 10,000 projects per year.

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Jobsites can get complicated. Having a Canam project manager means you can focus your energy and time on other aspects of the project. When you choose Hambro D500 Floor system, our in-house engineers and draftsmen will include signed and sealed shop drawings and calculations free of charge.


Because of Hambro’s composite design, you can achieve longer spans than conventional flooring systems. Having longer spans means that you can create a cleaner floorplan without unsightly columns. And with only three inches of slab thickness, you can have higher ceilings while still being able to run most conventional AC ductwork.


Hambro D500 is the easiest way to install a floor system. No craning, post shoring, or specialty installers mean that your floor will be ready for other trades in a matter of days, not weeks, unlike other engineered floor systems.


With Hambro D500, designing and installing a floor system is less costly, less complicated and ultimately, the more efficient than any other floor system on the market.

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