With Hambro D500 you get the freedom to design without being limited by the floor system.
  • Long Joist Spans– Hambro D500 allows you to avoid unsightly structural members and create larger open areas.
  • Hybrid Floor – Hambro D500 composite design provides a floor that is up to three times more rigid with one-third the deflection of typical bar joist assembly.
  • Bearing System Options – Hambro D500 can bear on virtually any framing system including Wood/Metal Stud Framing, Concrete, CBS Construction, Structural Steel, Insulated Concrete Form and more.
  • Large Duct Openings – Large openings in the Hambro D500 web, minimal bridging, and 4’ joist spacing accommodates mechanical distribution within the joist plenum, virtually eliminating drop ceilings and soffits.
  • MEP Support of up to 50lbs – Built-in support of up to 50lbs for mechanical equipment.
  • Simple Installation – Hambro D500 is one of the simplest and quickest floor system to install. This means that a specialized installer is not required.



Hambro® D500's STC 57 is 70% more effective as an STC 50 in reducing apparent loudness of transmitted airborne noise such as speech, radio, TV, music, etc. STC 50 is the minimum required by IBC. Higher STC ratings mean better sound control.

Independent tests in a completed apartment in accordance with ASTM-E336, as well as laboratory testing under ASTM-E90-70, resulted in Hambro® receiving an STC 57 on bare concrete and a 1/2" gypsum ceiling assembly. Construction details for party walls, partitions, floor penetrations, doors, and windows are important when designing to achieve high STC ratings.



Hambro® composite floor systems have been approved, listed, classified, recognized, certified, and/or accepted by the following leading international, national and local building codes and authorities.

  • Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. designs for 1, 2, and 3 Hour fire ratings
  • Building Officials Code Administrators (B.O.C.A.)
  • Southern Building Code Congress International (S.B.C.C.I.)
  • International Conference of Building Officials (I.C.B.O.)
  • Housing & Urban Development - Federal Housing Administration (HUD-FHA)
  • Metropolitan Dade County Building Code, South Florida
  • New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Fairfax County, etc.
  • CMHC, ULC, NRC, etc. Canada
  • Agreement Certificate No. 74/255 United Kingdom
  • Zulassungs - N.R. Z-26, 1-7/89 West Germany
  • U.S. Pat. Nos. 3818083, 3945168, 3819143, 3979868, 3841597, 4015396, 3845594, 4584815, 3913296
  • Canada Pat. No. 874180
  • Foreign Pats. around the world



Hambro® brings you one of the finest fire rated structural floor systems in the world.
There are many accepted methods to achieve satisfactory fire protection with the Hambro floor system. Extensive fire testing has been performed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) resulting in many milestones and again proving the superior performance of the Hambro® system. The full-scale fire tests are performed while the system is loaded to its full design capacity. Click Here for specific UL Design Ratings

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