Reveal Metal Deck System


Versatility without compromise


The Reveal Series is a suite of metal deck systems that utilizes the inherent strength of structural deck, the aesthetic appeal of a flat ceiling, and the linear plank look of wood. It provides architects and engineers a vast array of composite floor and roof deck options that can beautify an environment for any use.

Combination of aesthetics and structure capacity:
  • Long clear span capabilities (FM approved)
  • High fire resistance unprotected ratings (UL/ULC approved)
  • Non-penetrating load capacity hanging system
  • Smooth linear plank look
  • Concealed fasteners
  • Enhanced acoustic properties
  • Finish paint options



The many benefits of the Reveal Series profiles are the perfect option in the following types of projects: airport terminals, arenas, colleges and universities, gymnasiums, hospitals, hotels, museum, office buildings, schools, sport complexes, theaters and more…

Reveal Series’ dovetail ribs provide a simple, economical, and permanent means for hanging ceilings, piping, ducts, and other mechanical and utility components. Available in two styles, the Reveal Lok hangers are inserted parallel to the ribs and can be placed continuously, spaced approximately every 6 inches across the width of the profile. Hangers can be purchased and installed as they are needed, and can be relocated, inserted, or removed and reused at any time during the life of the building.

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