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The solid experience and proven know-how of our Business Partners allow us to offer a complete range of services for your building construction projects, from pre-construction to completion of the structure. Each of our solutions is customized to fit your project’s budget and deadline.



Building Information Modeling
Very implicated and leader in the digital revolution for several years, Canam has incorporated Building Information Modeling (BIM) in its service offering to better plan, design and construct building projects for its clients, regardless of their size or complexity. The construction world is rapidly evolving, obliging us to deliver durable and innovative infrastructures that meet increasingly constrained deadlines and budgets. To be able to do so, Canam has implemented BIM technology, a solution that offers multiple benefits

Collaborative Tool
Building Information Modeling, also known as BIM, consist in creating a multi-dimensional digital representation of all project parameters. This interactive tool integrates all the data necessary for the design, construction, life cycle and operation of the building into a single file. It allows all partners – architects, engineers, owners, and general contractors – to work in close collaboration, simultaneously analyzing and sharing information and tracking the project in real time.

Parametric Objects
Incorporate Canam parametric objects in your future design projects
To facilitate the creation and design of your projects, we offer Canam products as BIM objects of different kinds, downloadable from our library of parametric objects. These objects are compatible with the building design software Autodesk Revit.

The method has several advantages:

  • Improved pre-construction estimation
  • More precise quantification of the different building components
  • Rapid and informed decision-making
  • More effective communication and improved collaboration among partners
  • Virtual overview of the construction sequence
  • Better coordination and reduced risk of errors in the plans and specifications
  • Fewer change requests and surprises on site in order to deliver on time and according to budget
  • Better construction tracking



Innovation and Efficiency
Through our Business Partners, MAB relies on a solid team of engineers for the design of the Hambro D-500, The Hambro Girder, The Hambro Transfer Slab and assembly engineering. From the outset of any project, our engineers team up with our clients to understand their needs, realize their vision, and provide value-added engineering services. The solutions we develop are innovative, practical, technically sound and economical, in both time and money. Attention to detail and collaboration are at the heart of our approach. Our engineering experts are recognized in the industry for their professional experience and their ability to provide advice or to find solutions to optimize the manufacturing process of products as well as the design and construction of buildings.

Our services include:

  • Custom design of steel components as well as composite action (steel-concrete)
  • Assembly engineering
  • Building design
  • Value engineering
  • Production and approval of shop drawings
  • Review of drawings
  • Project management

These engineers are supported in their work by a team of experienced drafters who create accurate plans, technical drawings or 3D models of each component to be manufactured and delivered, using the latest technological tools.


Design - Build

Design | Engineering | Manufacturing | Assembly
Thanks to the expertise of our team of professionals, MAB can offer its clients the Design-Build approach. By overlapping design and construction stages, this proven process minimizes the risks of building projects and reduces their completion times. For real estate owners and developers, the involvement of our team from the design phase also ensures better control of budgets and construction schedules. The whole process is simplified and consolidated. At MAB, we believe that the best projects result when all partners work closely, a goal that can be best achieved by the implementation of the Design Build approach.

Choosing Canam as your main partner, will result in numerous benefits:

  • A single supplier, responsible for project design and construction (structure and building envelope) if required
  • Fewer partners involved, better communication and reduced risk
  • A team of experts - engineers, drafters and project managers - who respond diligently  and work with you to understand your unique needs
  • The use of the latest digital technologies to achieve optimal technical plans and drawings, and design an efficient and economical steel frame
  • Expertise and extensive knowledge of the construction business



Our companies are more than just product manufacturers. They are also well known for their vast knowledge of the construction process. At MAB, we have the expertise, know-how and technological tools needed to get involved at the pre-project stage and to help you make informed decisions. Our dedicated professionals offer a proactive approach to construction, proven solutions and rigorous monitoring to ensure that your building is delivered on time and within pre-established budgets.

Our range of Pre-Construction Services
The key stages of any construction project begin long before the first shovel of earth is turned. Our companies offer a range of preconstruction services that will help you maximize the value of your project:

  • Reliable budgeting and estimation
  • Engineering drawings
  • Value Engineering
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Alternative value-added proposals – products, systems, construction methods, etc.
  • Planning of timelines for design
  • LEED support and solutions for sustainable buildings

Trust our Team and discover our commitment to ”…build differently.”



Our project management professionals offer a “field” approach focused on the goals and challenges of our clients. We turn your priorities into ours. From the project start entrusted to them, from the design phase through manufacturing, to installation of our products, our project managers work in close partnership with the various professionals involved, applying their knowledge and technical skills to ensure the project’s success.

  • Technical coordination (plans and engineering drawings)
  • Strict monitoring of manufacturing processes at the plant: product inspection and quality assurance
  • Active on-site monitoring of deliveries and the installation quality of our products
  • Ongoing management of critical tasks and various schedules
  • Constant communication with project partners.
  • Tight cost control
  • Subcontractors’ supervision
  • Supervision

Site Safety: A constant concern
Our project managers also pay close attention to risk and safety management on those construction sites where we operate. We provide our clients with communication tools and reference documents to ensure the safest possible progress of the operations, while increasing the efficiency of the project:

  • Workplace health and safety manual
  • Safety plan specific to the construction site
  • Guide to safe work procedures

We plan and organize operations to be carried out safely, while also ensuring that subcontractors comply with applicable regulations and safety standards.

Performed by experienced personnel with the necessary technical skills and professional qualifications, on-site management services include daily monitoring and coordination of safety, quality and productivity standards.
The Company’s site project supervisor is responsible for:

  • Coordinating the delivery, reception and installation of our products
  • Coordinating the activities of the various subcontractors
  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety standards
  • Supervising the project according to standards and regulations in effect and applying the appropriate modifications
  • Attending site meetings
  • Producing various progress reports to provide an objective overview of the state of the site
  • Performing quality controls

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