Hambro Transfer Slab


Smart Alternative to Conventional Concrete Podium Slabs


The transfer slab is a floor system that transfers the superimposed loads from the structural building frame above the slab to the columns, walls, and foundations below. The Hambro transfer slab designed by Canam is composed of Hambro joists and girders in composite action with a concrete slab, which makes it and economical solution, quick and easy to install.
  • Is ideal for slabs above garage parking levels, plazas in mixed-use, multi-residential development projects, and other applications
  • Requires less concrete and reinforcing steel; reducing job-site time and costs
  • Can be engineered and designed to support multiple floor and wall loads from above, eliminating the need for intermediate supports
  • Offers strong transitions from load-bearing construction to columns, walls and foundations below
  • Enables maximum usable space below the slab for easy integration of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems
  • Has high fire rating and low sound transmission qualities

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The Hambro
Transfer Slab

Developed for the multi-residential and commercial markets, the Hambro girder acts as a principal beam to support the Hambro joists installed perpendicularly at regular intervals on both sides.

One of the advantages of the composite Hambro girder is that it offers greater spans than the conventional steel girder, while maintaining a minimum depth to adapt to the Hambro joist. Hambro joists run in one direction and an integrated continuous slab runs in the other. The bottom chord acts as a tension member in the concreting stage and during the service life of the floor. The web system tying top and bottom chords together consists of bent rods and resists vertical shear in a conventional truss manner. The patented 13-gauge top chord acts as a compression member during the non-composite stage. It is embedded in the concrete and functions as a continuous shear connector. The concrete slab is reinforced with welded wire mesh. The top chord functions as a high chair, developing negative moment capacity in the concrete slab which acts as a continuous one-way reinforced slab.

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